I help multi-passionate creatives gain clarity and confidence in their work.

 MG is the professional hype gal you need to hire to provide luxurious content, scalable marketing strategy, and creative collaboration for your next project. Take it from this serial creative- MG is ready to help you thrive and excel.

Serial Creative.
Professional Hype Gal.

MG has always been called the one who is always busy or has too many hobbies. Now, she uses her multi-passionate habits to help other creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs to grow in their Kingdom-focused passions. Her love for social media started at a young age and ever since high school, MG has studied what trends work and resonate online. She has gone to write, design, and create content for hope*media, The Hively Co, Lisa Whittle Ministries, as well as her own content for her business.  

MG gets it. Whether you are starting a business, scaling your audience, or creating sustainable rhythms and habits for your life you have to have clarity and confidence to take action.

That's where MG comes in. Her training in leadership, work in the field, and desire to grow is what makes her the perfect fit for your next best step.

What can I help you with?


So, you are a creative, which on this part of the internet means those who are pursuing what God has called you to! You are ready to make moves with your passions. BUT you don't know where to start. Are you ready to grow in your passions with clarity and confidence? 

Let MG coach you so you can confidently walk in the giftings and passions God has placed upon you. 

In a coaching session, MG will walk you through:

 - Establishing sustainable and holistic practices and habits

- Gaining clarity on the action you need to get UNSTUCK

- Content strategy

- Living faithfully as a multi-passionate creative

 MG loves hyping her clients up and is ready to be your next professional hype gal, so what are you waiting for?!

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[Content and Strategy]

Are you ready to take your marketing content and strategy to the next level? MG has worked with several companies including, hope*media, The Hively Co, Lisa Whittle Ministries, and more with marketing and social media content. If you are a creative, coach, business owner, or entrepreneur who is ready to accelerate your social media marketing strategy, MG's done-for-you services are exactly what you need. 

Choose from:

- Content creation 

- Video creation and editing

- Email marketing 

- And so much more!

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Take a Look at MG's Portfolio. 

If your business is growing, but you feel like you can't keep up, then it's time to hire help! I want to help you streamline your process so take a look at my detailed portfolio and services guide for your next best step! 

Take a Look


Do you want fun photos to that will help you:

- Commemorate a special moment

- Elevate your brand

-  Take your social media to the NEXT level

Hire your professional hype gal, MG to collaborate and direct an amazing session with you in all of your model glory.

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